Aside from strengthening your business, our systems offer so much more...


We know the value of business flexibility in the current market. We offer a pay-as-you-go based payment model. You can easily upgrade/downgrade or cancel when required.


Our products are modelled around business value and not only pay-per-user access. We beleive that access to features will benefit your business more than user access, you will find our pricing in line with this belief.


We adhere to strict development standards and host our systems in the cloud. Our systems incorporate the lastest industry requirements and software design.


We offer the following business solutions:


HR Software

Online HR management software that is designed to empower and enhance the Human Resource function in your organisation by centralising and digitizing important HR functions. Manage leave and claim requests, digitize employee profiles, conduct surveys and centrally store employee documents or company policies.


Query Management Solution

Helpdesk / Service desk software that assists your team when managing email queries. Ticket Master is an email ticketing system that interfaces with your query (help/suppport) mailboxes and allocates those queries to your team. You can centrally track and manage all queries online. Assign, categorise, respond and track the status of a query all on Ticket Master.


Timesheet Application

Task Time is a work time tracker / timesheet tool that allows your employees to record their time allocation online. With Task Time as your time tracking system you can generate reports to identify available resources or where your employees utilize their time the most.
Log, track, record, get notifications and report on time utilization!


Asset Manager

An asset management system that enables you to maintain an asset register of all assets within your organisation. Regardless of the asset type: hardware, software or other configuration items - Asset Roster is fundementally an asset tracking and inventory management system that will keep track of your assets, notify you when licenses are expiring or inform you when upgrades are due.


Document Generation

An online document generation system that allows you to automate repetitive document generation tasks using templates that you define.
Need to generate multiple invoices or payslips?
Upload your template with predefined fields that are unique for each document, therafter upload a list of your data records and your are done! Documentor will automatically generate the documents for your business in a fraction of the time.


Business Software

Doogital Tech is an African based tech organisation that is founded on the principle to deliver high quality software that is universally required and vital to all organisations.

Through economies of scale we will drive down the cost of business software while providing quality solutions. We conduct the research in the associated industry, gather user feedback, develop, test and host solutions that can be used by multiple organisations.

We believe that when the same software is utilized by multiple organisations, all organisations can benefit from using the software at a shared cost and reduced risk of high captial investment.


  • Drive down the cost of business software
  • Optimize business operations
  • Develop high quality applications
  • Reduce the financial risk for our clients
  • Continuously innovate our products